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Role Playing ^ Return ^

First off, the most asked questions: 'How much does it cost to play Z-World?'
Each day costs $20.00 to play. So $20.00 for a day episode and $40.00 for a weekend episode.
'How old do you have to be?' 12 to 15 years if you have a guardian playing with you, 16+ on your own with parental consent.

As a member of the Z-World cast you will be taking the character you have created and join the ranks of the Resistance. Set in the not-to-distant future it is 27 years after The Turning. The current world economy no longer exists and much of modern technology is either lost or has fallen into disrepair. Not many of the original survivors are left that remember the world that once was. The Old Times are becoming myths and legends.

The world is a dangerous and exciting place for the “New Breeds” filled with wild beasts, roaming gangs and the many forms of Zombies…the Turned that have claimed ownership of the world. What will you do with the short time you have? Before your name is etched forever on The Wall will you make a difference? Will you Resist?

A lot of things will be going on during an episode of Z-World. There will be a lot of action, zombies and heaps of thrilling survival combat. But the heart of Z-World is the story, the Role Playing of the game. Role Playing is put simply, taking on the role of a character, usually of your own creation, and then playing that part while immersing yourself into the story and events around you. You will get the chance to step into another world – and you’ll be able to explore it while meeting other people’s characters and sharing their stories. This social interaction is the cornerstone of Role Playing.

Your character will develop and grow based on their experiences with other characters, scenes they take part in and the choices they make along the way. The rules of Z-World form the backdrop or the setting and theme of the game. This provides the players a range and scope to play in. These rules provide all the extreme powers and actions that are otherwise not possible for people to perform. The setting allows for your character to be fantastic and supernatural but everything else is completely in your hands. Planning to take out that illegal mutate farm in the wastes? Making plans, researching the area and perhaps paying off key members of The Resistance to look the other way. All this activity takes place without game mechanics and is driven by the Role Play of the world.

Characters… ^ Return ^

In Z-World you will be acting as one of the Cast Members. Your character can be as simple or as complex as you choose. Some players want to explore the role of the hero while others will want to stick to the shadows. Your character’s personality and motivations are what you make them. You’ll experience a variety of improvisational scenes during the game. As a player it will be up to you to find your character’s voice and mannerisms. You’ll be the one writing the script for your character as the story is told.

Crew Members ^ Return ^

Of course it won’t be just you out there Role Playing. The Crew will take on the roles of monsters, heroes, leaders of The Resistance and even the crazies out in the wastes! During an episode of Z-World the Lead Director is there to run the show with their Crew. Together with the players they’ll tell a story which is shaped in part by the actions and re-actions of the Cast. This way the story, your story, is being experienced as you are helping to write it.

Game Experience ^ Return ^

This is nothing like an evening of table top role playing, sitting with your friends, your favorite dice and your Game Master leading the story; at a LARP you are right there in the action the whole time. Depending on the type of game you’re attending this can be an overwhelming experience. To help you prepare for this we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from an Episode of Z-World.

First when you show up on location you’ll need to check in with registration. The crew will check that all your information is up to date and, if the Episode is scheduled to last more than one day, record where you are staying. You’ll get your Character Card and an opportunity to spend any earned credit you have from your work aiding the Resistance or one of the other contracted organizations.

The next step will be to visit a crew coordinator to have your armor and gear inspected for safety and point value. After that you’ll have a character, weapons, armor and supplies – then you’re all set to get out there hacking and blasting your way through whatever is waiting for you in the shadows! Next you’ll want to get your camp or HQ organized. For some players this will be as simple as tossing their gear out of the car while others will have large areas to setup that could take a few hours to organize. Because of this some members may choose to prep their camps first before registration. If that is the case a camp rep will need to find a crew member and let the team know they are on location. Eventually everyone will be called together before the game starts to go over any notes and announcements prior to the action. After that the Episode of Z-World will begin and the story will start to play out around you!

The Elements ^ Return ^

Z-World Episodes will take place both in and out doors in all types of conditions. Taking a few minutes to check on the weather in the area your game is happening will help to make your experience a positive one! When putting together your Z-World Survival check list always try to remember: Water (bottle), Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, Thermal Wear, Bug Spray, and few pairs of good socks! No one wants to be around a Mutate with wet feet.

Camping & Food ^ Return ^

Some Episodes of Z-World will stretch over the course of a weekend. This will involve camping out either in tents, old buildings, or cabins depending on the location. You will need to be prepared for moderate camping conditions. The crew will provide site details and any key information prior to game day. If you are planning to setup a camp of your own if may be wise (at least at the start of the season) to break out all your gear to inspect what you have. There is nothing worse than finding out too late that your tent has holes and is missing half your pegs.

Food during game will be available in our working “Mess Hall”. We will have a basic menu and the area will always be considered In Game. Players are invited to bring their own food and snacks to game but we may not always be able to provide access to areas for cooking. Also if you have any special dietary requirements we will always do our best to assist you. Plan to bring easy to store and protect snacks like: Breakfast or Energy Bars, Trail Mix, Crackers, Pretzels, Raisins, Nuts or some Dry Cereal. Just remember that it is always a good idea to take a moment throughout the Episode to fuel up and stay hydrated. Every hero needs a pit stop now and then!

Sample Menu:

Grill Cheese – $1.00

Grill Cheese with Bacon – $2.00

Hot Dogs – $1.00


Hamburger – $1.50

Cheeseburger – $2.00

Hot Dogs – $1.00

Sausage on a Bun – $2.00

Mashed Potatoes – $0.50

Beans – $0.50


Water – $0.50

Pop – $1.00

Tasks, Assignments, Jobs, Bounties & Scenes ^ Return ^

There are many ways in which you’ll plunge into the stories of Z-World:

“TASKS” ^ Return ^
- You’ll come to be familiar with re-occurring characters. These characters will be linked to various stories and scenes. As time goes by you and possibly your group will be given possible missions or leads to explore by these characters. You as players can choose the pace you wish to pursue these TASKS (if at all). Completing these TASKS doesn’t always translate to success or winning, much like failure doesn’t always mean you lose. Either result will always push your characters involvement in the story ahead in sometimes surprising and unexpected directions!

“ASSIGNMENTS” ^ Return ^

- During the course of your characters career in the Resistance they will receive ASSIGNMENTS by the leaders of your camp. These are non-negotiable and are a requirement of being part of the Resistance. You might have to clear out a hospital or a nearby factory for much needed supplies and SCRAP. ASSIGNMENTS are normally given out to groups and occasionally individuals. During an Episode ASSIGNMENTS can by (and often are) treated like currency for barter. ASSIGNMENTS must be attempted and will be listed with a limited time line. But there is nothing to say they must be completed by you alone! How you manage your ASSIGNMENTS is up to your character. Pay some other group, higher a team to escort you or trade a harder ASSIGNMENT for a handful of easier less risky missions. Ultimately these actions are what keep the Resistance running bringing in supplies, Intel, NanoMeds, etc. Without them we might as well roll over and let the Turned take us.

“JOBS” ^ Return ^

- JOBS are slightly different in that they are posted to public boards and are not always sourced through the Resistance. JOBS are like contracts that a team will bid for. Usually they involve high risk and can lead to unique rewards or much sought after resources. They can be as simple as escorting a supply chain to as complex as running a campaign to get a person elected as the new camp leader.

“BOUNTIES” ^ Return ^

- Like JOBS you’ll find them posted in public areas and over the A.R.K. Network. BOUNTIES will go out for a wide variety of people, zombies and other creatures you’ll come up against the Wastes. You’ll register your team for any BOUNTIES you want to track down and from there Intel will start to be fed to your team.

“SCENES” ^ Return ^

- SCENES will happen occasionally over an episode. They are normally open to all with story content related to the main story of the episode or the year. Often you will find SCENES will intertwine with other story elements drawing the players deeper into the current events of the world and often letting their actions effect change to the game world.

Safety and Respect ^ Return ^

The #1 goal is to provide entertainment and fun for all participants. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a sporting fashion towards that goal. Fair play, courtesy, a competitive spirit, & grace in losing is the expected behavior from all participants to help achieve this goal. A distinction needs to be made between "In Game"(IG) and "Out Of Game"(OOG) behavior. OOG every player is expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner, never making derogatory remarks against any other participant. Understand that for any violation of this expectation, or other rules of the game, that you may be suspended from play for a duration of one game to the remainder of a season. If a participant is suspended there will be no refund of site fees or membership fees.

In an effort to avoid OOG conflicts, which may lead to poor sportsmanship, all participants are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. Many IG and OOG positions will be contingent on participants demonstratively following the Code of Conduct.

IG, a character is allowed to make derogatory remarks or be unsporting. IG characters at odds can create very heated situations for participants. What is a derogatory remark against another character can very easily be misconstrued as OOG. The Code of Conduct expects behavior that will help the Staff of Z-World, and other players, more easily identify what is IG conduct and what is OOG conduct. Should IG conduct consistently be misunderstood as OOG conflict, the Lead Director will warn players to adjust their IG conflict and may treat any further complaints as if they were acting OOG. Derogatory remarks in regards to OOG race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated IG or OOG.

Live Action Role Playing games can involve an element of physical combat and Z-World is no exception. Players that take part in an episode at Z-World are, by the nature of their attendance, giving consenting to the physical combat explained in this source material. We strive to bring you the best stories and exciting heart pounding action all in a safe and welcoming environment. We are a community of like minded individuals coming together to engage in a pastime that has captured our hearts. These rules are in place to safeguard the individuals that look to enjoy our game:

“Cut” Rule

At any time during an Episode of Z-World you ever hear someone shout, “CUT!” usually repeated a few times over for clarity you must immediately stop your action. This is the only time the game will officially be stopped once in play. There are only a few reasons for a “Cut” in the action to be called. The first and most important would be to help a player that has suffered an injury and required medical attention. We ask that people do not move during a cut in order for those certified with First Aid training to find and help where needed. Most common injuries result in trips and falls while people are caught up in the excitement of a scene. As a group we are all responsible to watch out for the safety of our fellow players. You are encouraged to break character for a brief moment to warn another player about a potential danger or hazard. Better to take a moment to protect a player from suffering a nasty injury.

Another reason for a “Cut” to be called would be for a rules or scene clarification. This would only happen for a rule or effect that was so important that it could have a large influence on the outcome of the scene. Because this situation could result in a drastic outcome possibly changing the direction of the game a “Cut” would be called for clarification in order to avoid greater confusion at a later time. Another reason for a complete stop of game play would be for a large Scene Change or an important description. A Crew member would take a moment to narrate the description of the Scene and continue the game again as quickly as possible. When the source of the “Cut” is resolved one of the individuals involved will ask, “Is everyone ready?” If a player is not ready for the game to resume they should speak up and explain the situation. If everyone is set to continue the next thing you’ll hear is, “Ready…action!” and play will resume.

No Drugs, Alcohol or Real Weapons

No Drugs, Alcohol or Real Weapons are to be brought on location of a Z-World Episode. If you have drugs you must be able to provide a prescription or doctor’s note in order to have them with you at the game. This policy is in place because certain drugs and alcohol have an impairing effect that could create a danger to you or players around you. Please remember it is up to the discretion of Z-World to limit a player’s involvement or to have them removed from the game at any time. Any player that appears to be impaired will be removed from the game.

Physical Contact The Z-World rules were developed so that all effects could be delivered safely either with boffer weapons or Ammo / Myst made from bird seed “packets”. Players are never to engage in physical combat or contact with another player during combat. Outside of combat physical contact should only be engage if both parties agree prior to beginning and should never involve any form of punch or kicking. This also applies to the property of Z-World and their players. At no time should a player be willfully causing damage to the property of a player, Z-World or the owners of a location being used by Z-World. These actions may lead to your removal from the game.

What your Character knows vs. what you know

While you are playing your character and engaged in the story of Z-World it is important to keep track of what your character knows and has learned versus details you might over hear while not in character. To take information you as a player may have over heard while sitting out of game, or during your time volunteering at Creature Camp, and then use that to your advantage In Game is a term known as “Metagaming”: “Metagaming is a broad term usually used to define any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. In other words, sometimes using out-of-game information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions.” Metagaming is not only against the rules it is considered by many that enjoy LARPing to be a huge social faux pas. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of all the names and details you’ll be introduced to as the Season progresses. Sometimes getting a note book to record detail in can be a big help. We ask that everyone do their best to be respectful of their fellow players and not take advantage of details they may learn while not actively in the game world.

LARPing and the Honour System

A Live Action Role Playing game is meant to be fluid and continuous. The more the game breaks for discussion and debate over rules and results the harder it is for players to enjoy the story and atmosphere being created. As a player no one will be there standing over you watching your character sheet telling you when to fall down and pretend to be dead. There isn’t a Crew member keeping track of your pools to make sure you’re not using too many abilities. The game relies on players following the Honour System to function. Players that display good sportsmanship in this regard are often rewarded for their efforts. Players who are found to be abusing the system of Live Action Role Playing will be subject to corrective action and possibly removed from play.

Thieves and Your Property

At no time is any player to be found going through the private belongs of another player. We recommend that you keep anything personal separate from any items that are considered to be part of the game world. Weapons, resources, crafted items – should all be kept separate. If at any time a character wishes to break into a space where another characters In Game items are stored (and the player or a member of the target group is not present) for the purposes of mischief, shenanigans, assassination, or theft – they may only do so under the supervision of a Z-World Crew member. This rule is in place to protect all parties involved from misunderstandings concerning player property.

Common Courtesy Rules ^ Return ^

One Second Rule

During the fast pace of Z-World combat in order to keep things fun, controlled and fair the game is designed around a “One Second Rule” for speed. Meaning a player may only deliver one effect per second. Each effect must be clearly narrated and understandable in order to be understood and reacted to properly. If a player cannot understand the effect being used due to speed and one effect blending into the next, that player can ignore everything delivered by their opponent and should simply respond – “Too Fast”. No player should become offended or upset with this. The player is only asking you to slow things down a little so they can continue to enjoy playing the game with you.

Too Hard & Weapon Swing Range

During combat you may find yourself in a situation where for whatever reason you are getting hit harder then you’d like. There can be several reasons for this – weather, the weapon is breaking down, terrain, lack of armour, experience of the players involved, etc… The point really comes down to this, there may be many reasons why but you should never feel the need to justify them ever. If are uncomfortable with the level or intensity of the combat you are engaged in you have the right to communicate that to your opponent as – “Too hard”. There is no defense to this and no argument to be had. Players must keep in mind what might be okay for you is not always going to be the same for everyone else. Again no one is saying this to make you feel guilty or upset. They simple want to say, “…please take it down a notch for me so I can continue to enjoy the combat and excitement of the game.”

Hand in hand to help with this situation Z-World has a restriction on the range of motion any player should be using with melee weapons. The rule of thumb should always be 45 degrees. This means we should never ever see players wind up like a professional baseball player to swing in a full 180 degree (or more) arc. Wild swinging or blind swinging (flailing around corners or obstructions that block your view) are against the rules. Anyone found to be doing this will be warned about their actions and if not corrected could lead to a player being removed from combat.

Personal Space While we understand that players have different levels of comfort with respect to their personal boundaries there is a large element of Live Action combat that comes with Z-World. To help with these elements of the game there is a simple rule in place. At no time during a scene involving live combat is a player to engage in range of another player where the distance is such that one could comfortably reach out and touch the shoulder of their opponent. In this situation if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable position just say to the other player, “Too close”. As before there should be no hurt feelings or guilt from either party. The player is just asking for you to respect their space. Give them a moment and move back a step. It is recommended that you check that the player is okay and ready to continue before starting the action again. These gestures go a long way to ensure we are all having a good time together so that everyone can enjoy the LARP experience.

Closing in

The issue of safe distance also applies when you are closing in on a target to begin combat. Sometimes this can happen at great speed presenting a potentially dangerous situation. At no time is a player ever to run at another player and engage them where the distance between the two could be measured as “Too close”. Also a player is never to run at a group of players and assume those individuals either will or should move from your path (or that you can safely dodge through them). Any player found doing this will be removed from play in order to correct the situation.

Valid Hit Locations

There are many areas of the body that are considered valid hit locations for either a melee or range effect. For the purposes of this section it is easier to focus on what is not considered a valid target. At no time ever should a player be attempting to strike / aim for another player’s head, hands, or groin. Any contact made to these locations will be considered as invalid. There are two sides to this situation – if a player is found to be targeting these locations either during combat or out of combat they will be immediately removed from play and subject to corrective action. Conversely if a player is found to be abusing this rule by blocking with an invalid hit location in order to avoid damage or an effect, they will also be subject to corrective action to address the situation.

No Thrusting

During combat with melee weapons players can attempt to strike their opponent however they feel most comfortable. Provided they are not found to be Too Hard or Fast and are aiming for valid hit locations everyone can enjoy the action at Z-World. One style of combat that is not allowed in play is the “Thrust”. Taking your boffer weapon and using it to poke or push pack another player is against the rules. Players attempting these moves will be warned and if they continue a Crew Member can remove them from combat.

Z-World LARP Code of Conduct* ^ Return ^

- Treat all participants (be it players, volunteers, or owners) with dignity and respect.

- Place the #1 goal as a priority over individual goals. Winners at game are those who strive to achieve this goal.

- Be complementary to other participants. Let the committee heads & the Lead Director provide any unsolicited constructive feedback.

- Play within the rules of the game to the best of your knowledge. Seek clarification where appropriate, with consideration to the flow of the game.

- Realize the extent of your role at Z-World as a player or volunteer. Please allow the appropriate Director to deal with disputes whenever possible. Should no Directors be available please try to solve a dispute quickly (within 30 seconds) or remove yourself from play to find a Direct to handle the dispute.

- During IG opposition make a point of displaying OOG respect & regard for the opposing players, with consideration to the flow of the game.

- Display OOG modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

- If you have made volunteer commitments to Z-World of any sort, whether it be to help clean or write an Episode, notify the appropriate committee head or the Lead Director ASAP, if you cannot honor that commitment.

- Remember that, in many circumstances, you represent Z-World and greatly influence its reputation. Access to decent sites and new players depends on Z-World maintaining a good reputation. Keep this in mind, and act accordingly, when speaking of Z-World with those who are not members.

- Obey all site rules and regulations while at the site of an Episode.

* The Z-World LARP Code of Conduct is not a replacement for The Prime Rules of Z-World.
All participants must know The Prime Rules and follow them to the best of their ability.