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History of Z-World

History of Z-World It is the year 2045. The Old Times have faded into myth and mystery and the world is being re-forged by the New Breeds and the World Allied Resistance. The Great Turning began in 2018 and from then until 2022 the world fought back. The US, Canada, New Zealand and France were ground zero.

“What follows is an account pieced together from recovered achieves and interviews with survivors of the Old Times. Some of those survivors were my friends…my family, and their stories needed to be told. It should be known that I am neither an expert nor a Historian. I have created this so you would know where you came from. So you would have a chance…a chance to resist.”

– Excerpt taken from the personal logs of Dr. Maria Shyn, “The Flower of the West.”

Time Line

  • 1970 to 1975 – The modern Computer age begins with the development of the first fully programmable computers. In 1975 the introduction of the microprocessor led to the rise of the age of personal computing

  • 1975 to 1980 – Pharmaceutical company Terra Core conducts studies on the human brain hoping to unravel the mystery of its structure and map the complete function

  • 1985 – International company Biotech is formed merging manufacturing giant Bio-Dawn Industries and Software developer Technecx. Together they found a world wide infrastructure focusing on micro processing and automation.

  • 1986 – Terra Core completes the first map of the human genome and begins researching Gene Therapy

  • 1991 – Biotech begins Nanotomatic research after years of success with various military projects and private companies around the world

  • 1993 – The first cloning begins on large mammals

  • 1995 – NATO and private market interests from the far East turn to Biotech seeking new sources of cleaner energy and privatizing space travel

  • 1998 – Biotech scientists discover Site Transport Method or S.T.M. and are granted billions in funding from world wide sources towards the cause

  • 2001 – Outbreak of an unknown pathogen spreads across the globe dubbed “The Red Fever” killing millions

  • 2003 – Terra Core develops a cure for The Red Fever becoming the leading name in pharmaceutical and medical research internationally

  • 2005 – Last known case of the The Red Fever is reported in Britain

  • 2007 – Biotech completes construction of the first functional test site for the S.T.M. Ray Gate and activates

  • 2007 – Biotech’s “World Site Zero” floods planet with unidentified energy source later named Myst Energy

  • 2007 – Terra Core is attacked by activists group Freewill after evidence is found of human experimentation and first mutates are discovered at Camp Leopold

  • 2008 – After the accident at World Site Zero Biotech is aggressively taken over by NATO World Military Forces due to failed attempts to stop the spread of the Myst

  • 2008 to 2012 – Biotech forces discover that Myst has spread across ancient lay lines of power and it cannot be stopped, reports conclude it has always been there

  • 2008 to 2014 – Terra Core clashes repeatedly with Freewill leading to a new company branch TerraCORPS the pharmaceutical giants own personal army

  • 2014 – Biotech Mystics division breaks away from the company caused in part by the militant control and practices of the NATO controlled defense force

  • 2014 – TerraCORPS begin research and development of Myst infused equipment and weaponry

  • 2016 – Freewill, re-enforced by Biotech Myst weapons, raid and attack research facility Alpha burning it completely to the ground

  • 2016 to 2017 – Survivors of the attacks at the Alpha centre begin to report medical problems

  • 2018 – First Alpha’s begin The Turning in the US, Canada, New Zealand and France

  • 2018 to 2019 – The dead take over 75% of the world’s population, TerraCORPS joins with Biotech NATO forces as Terra Core disappears across the globe…They try to battle back against the dead…

  • 2020 to 2045 – World collapse into chaos as estimates put The Turning at 97 to 99% of the remaining world’s population… seven and half billion victims of The Turning now roam the globe…

  • 2045 – (Present Day) the founding of the World Allied Resistance…the last hope for our species...our last stand against the darkness

    In the West… ^ Return ^

    By 2023 we had ceded everything south of the 32nd parallel in the US. The dead spread fast to the south and into the lower Americas. Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, California…all gone. At first it seemed geography would provide the answer as the wastelands of Arizona, Nevada and California combined with the western mountain range funneling the waves of the dead north. Last recorded transmissions out of Alaska were from a settlement in an old School in 2026. The signal was a call to inform the world that the dead were breaking in the doors and there was no one left alive. Then the north went black.

    Canada held the western front (after abandoning British Columbia and Alberta) laying a front line from deep into the state of Montana stretching almost to Edmonton. It seems that with the Great Turning and the first desperate wars against the dead, state and country lines really weren’t a priority any more. There were Americans and Canadians working freely crossing back and forth to patrol “The Deadzone”. With hastily constructed walls and towers the free army that gathered there called themselves the Deadwatch, and they mowed down any corpses coming out of the hills. This brutal stand lasted until 2024 when the first outbreaks began in Florida, sweeping up the east coast. Manitoba and Michigan were hit next. Then it was everywhere.

    In the East… ^ Return ^

    At the start of The Turning, France erupted in violence overnight. In two months the entire country was designated a national disaster zone with no more refugees being allowed to leave, and no more military aid going in. They tried to seal off a country… and failed. 2019 the dead were reported in surrounding Spain, Italy and Germany. By 2026 most of Europe was a war zone with countries falling apart as government after government slowly collapsed. China went silent first with the last final reports coming out of Hong Kong in 2024 – news reports were telling the populous that it was the last safe area on the mainland even as the swarms were reaching the edges of the island province. People were fleeing out into the water heading south and east just trying to get away.

    When the dead finally punched through the last of the fires and blockades people were literally running into the South Sea crying out for help. Not long after that it spread across the southern islands and by 2028 they reached the shores of Australia. There was a strange blip of contact that began as the reports flooded new rooms and websites around the globe at the beginning of The Turning. It came out of New Zealand. On day one there were updates indicating that the dead were rising in Auckland and across the Otago Region. One week after the first reports the entire country went Black. While people were glued to their news feeds around the planet during those early days, most didn’t hear that a month later a strange signal was picked up on SW Radio.

    It was a broadcast recorded loop in Japanese. For a day all it said, “Confirm mission status complete.” After that it began to transmit a strange series of low frequency sounds and blips. Experts thought it was an error or just static noise. In 2019 a computer software engineer from Iceland reported on his Blog that he had cracked the noise and discovered a message relayed in Binary that simply said, “Quarantine” over and over on a loop. The country never stopped transmitting this static and to this day satellite imagery reveals nothing.

    Attempts to send people into New Zealand have been repeatedly unsuccessful with not a single person ever returning to report their findings.

    After The Fall… ^ Return ^

    It was a long ugly siege of the dead. Each year they pushed a little further and reports were always coming in about another place going Dark. At first it seemed like every few months you’d hear about another place dropping off the map. Then it was happening faster and faster and you waited in the dark hoping it wouldn’t be your turn next.

    By 2031, driven by a drastically shortened life span that involved years of fighting just to survive and hold on to anything they can, two full generations of humanity have come and gone. For twenty five years everything was a battle just to survive. Rival factions began to battle for resources and territory. People huddled together trying to survive against the Turned, Wastelanders, Brutal Gangs, rogue Mutates, sickness, disease and even the Elements.

    In 2039 the living were given a gift, hope springs up in the strangest of ways. A team of engineers managed somehow to activate the A.R.C. It was based on old world tech and allowed for people to start connecting again. In 2041 a group of survivor’s calling themselves “The Council” banded together. They seized control of a large section of Fairborn, OH, part of an old Air Force Base, and rail yard.

    The roads and highways were practically gone but the group was able to light up the dark getting their power grid running and sent out the first trains. With dozens of soldiers and a handful of old tech’s and scientists they dug in and held the grounds against the dead. The site became known as the first Castle and along the rail lines F.O.R.T.S. (Fortified Organized Resistance Stations) were established opening up supply and trade routes.

    Historic Accounts: Battle of Nygrah ^ Return ^

    First large-scale Military action against infection. Arrival time: 03/02/2023, Foot Soldiers: 350, Helicopters: 8, Tanks: 5, Special Weaponry: 3, Bio-Chemical Weaponry: 4.

    Objective: Push back infection, decrease infected numbers, create safe area with heavy military intervention. Remove infection with use of 5-6 block residential clearings. Successful clearing determined by under 15% infection rate in block.

  • 03/03/2023 13:00: Battalion arrival. Infection spread: 32%, estimated survival rate: 100%, foot soldiers: 50, tanks: 1, helicopters: 1, sent down residential area. First attempt at pushing back infection.

  • 03/03/2023 13:50: Successful clearing. Infection spread: 10%, returned: 50 foot soldiers, 1 tank, 1 helicopter. Residential area re-named Base 1. Base 1 now considered clean.

  • 03/04/2023 09:00: Base 1 set up. Central location for military operations. Constant surveillance. Patrols every 15 minutes. Three Road blocks set up. Four guards each. Base 1 considered secure.

  • 03/04/2023 12:45: Residential area clearing. Infection spread 55%, estimated survival rate: 100%, foot soldiers: 66, tanks: 1, helicopters: 2. Second infection push back.

  • 03/05/2023 14:39: Successful clearing. Infection spread: 9%, returned: 66 foot soldiers, tanks: 1, helicopters: 2. Residential area re-named Beta Base. Beta Base now considered clean.

  • 03/05/2023 17:50: Beta Base set up. Patrols every 15 minutes. Two roadblocks. Four guards each. Beta Base considered secure.

  • 03/05/2023 20:30 Infection spread seemingly improving. Less infected in area. Smaller number of packs. Bases experiencing little to no disturbances.

  • 03/07/2023 16:00: Residential area clearing. Infection spread: 43%, estimated survival rate: 100%, foot soldiers: 50, tanks: 1, helicopters: 1. Third infection push back.

  • 03/07/2023 18:00: Successful clearing. Infection spread: 4%, returned: 48 foot soldiers, tanks: 1, helicopter: 1, casualties: 2. Residential Area re-named Murks-Turrip Base, in honour of lost soldiers. Murks-Turrip Base considered clean.

  • 03/07/2023 0:850: Murks-Turrip Base set up. Patrols every 15 minutes. Five roadblocks. Three guards each. Murks-Turrip base considered secure.

  • 03/09/2023 11:00: Residential area clearing. Infection spread: 38%, estimated survival rate: 100%, foot soldiers: 45, tanks: 0, helicopter: 1. Fourth residential push back.

  • 03/10/2023 05:40: Unsuccessful Clearing. Infection spread: 46%, returned: 29 foot soldiers, tanks: 0, helicopters: 1. Fourth residential area miscalculated.

  • 03/10/2023 07:00: Infected push on Murks-Turrip Base, reinforcements sent back. Foot soldiers: 66, tanks: 3, helicopters: 2. Estimated survival rate: 88%

  • 03/10/2023 13:32: Murks-Turrip Base re-claimed. Foot soldies: 46, tanks: 2, helicopters: 2. Infected push back considered successful.

  • 03/10/2023 Infection spread considered high level. Alpha and Beta Bases experiencing pack activity.

  • 03/12/2023 10:30: Residential area clearing. Infection spread: 76%, estimated survival rate: 80%, foot soldiers: 90, tanks: 2, helicopters: 3. Largest residential push back.

  • 03/13/2023 01:45: Successful Clearing. Infection spread: 8%. Returned: 85 foot soldiers, tanks: 2, helicopters: 2. Residential Area re-named Honour Base.

  • 03/14/2023 09:15: Honour Base set-up. Patrols every 15 minutes. Seven roadblocks. Two guards each. Special Weaponry placed at main entrance. Honour Base considered secure.

  • 03/15/2023 18:33: Infection spread worsening. Four secure bases experiencing pack activity nightly. Soldiers fear for outcome. Official hiatus on Residential Reclaims to keep bases secure.

  • 03/17/2023 09:17: Bases considered secure. Re-convene of Residential Reclaim beginning today at 14:00.

  • 03/17/2023 14:00: Residential area clearing. Infection spread 63%, estimated survival rate: 95%, foot soldiers: 85, tanks: 1, helicopters: 2. Sixth residential push back.

  • 03/17/2023 15:45: Honour Base experiencing attacks. Pack activity at all-time high. No word on Residential Clearing. Contact with Murks-Turrip, Alpha and Beta limited.

  • 03/17/2023 17:00: Unsuccessful clearing. Returned: 65 foot soldiers, tanks: 1, helicopters: 1. Infection spread worsening. Pack activity continues.

  • 03/17/2023 17:15: Official request filed to abandon Honour Base sent to Alpha Base. Pack activity overwhelming. Three of seven roadbloacks destroyed. Special Weaponary deployed little effect. Contact made with Murks-Turrip, similar activity.

  • 03/17/2023 18:30: Alpha Base contact made. Retreat authorized. Honour Base abandoned.

  • 03/17/2023 21:13: Arrival at Alpha Base. Original deployment at Honour Base: 100 foot soldiers. Returned: 73. Murks-Turrip also abandoned. Murks-Turrip original deployment: 100, returned: 65. Beta Base and Alpha Base still secure. Pack activity higher than ever. Beta Base stands at 50 soldiers. Alpha 100, plus Honour and Murks-Turrip.

  • 03/18/2023 02:32: Alpha Base under lockdown. Beta Base lost. Infected unstoppable. Roadbloacks holding, barely. Pile up of over 100 infected at each roadblock. All soldiers fighting. Six helicopters, three tanks, two special weaponry. First bio-chemical weaponry about to be released.

  • 03/18/2023 03:57: Bio-Chemical weaponry cause little disruption. Infected continue to grow in numbers. Soldiers falling. Attempts to set up back up road blocks failing. Two helicopters lost.

    I fear for all of us now. The infected are in. There’s no stopping them now. There isn’t much time left. I am Staff Sergeant Morris Gunton, I was born in Nygraah years ago. I had a wife. I had kids. When the infection started I left for war. I never saw them again; I hoped that after this mission was completed, that maybe…Well it doesn’t matter now. There is no stopping them. We were lied to. There was no way this mission would work. We will all die now. My name is Morris Gunton. I was here.

    Historic Accounts: American story ^ Return ^

    As most the wars between countries stopped, new wars began. We weren’t scared of no terrorists anymore, we had bigger problems. Our own people, bona fide A-me-ri-cans we’re turning on us. They said there was some new disease infecting folk in places like New York, course we just thought them Canadians had sent something over again. We didn’t think it was anythin to be worried about. When the news reports were on, most of us just chuckled. But the disease spread quick. Soon it was on our own front door. Hell, my family lived in such a small town we never even considered it gettin to us when we did finally believe this whole disease existed.

    We never did expect it to hit us so hard. Being the western states we figured, we got guns. Lots of em. When you grew up in my town you got you’re first rifle on your sixth birthday, before that you only gotta use a handgun. Everyone knew to shoot, everyone knew how to kill. Course only the ones who joined up knew how to shoot people. I guess they weren’t really people anymore though, the things that had the disease. Corpses that walked and ate people. Never thought I’d see the day. When the first one crawled into town, hardly even a corpse with all the flesh mostly gone, and bit a few people we figured we had the guns to end it right there.

    The ones it bit…Auntie Mae, the old woman who was always out workin on her garden, Little Suzie, the city Marshall’s girl and Melvin Wick, one of our hooligan teenagers. They seemed fine at first. Gave em some tea and had em sit. Then they started to go grey. Little shakes and tremors popped up all through their bodies. After that a fever hit them and they started puking everywhere. Not long after they all died. We laid sheets over them, asked why and condemn whatever this disease was. And then Auntie Mae sat up. We thought we’d been wrong, went over to help. She took a chunk outta her daughter. The other two were awake by then, jumpin around like lunatics. The Marshall shot em down. We thought that’d be it. We’d shut off the town and keep everyone safe. We were wrong.

    Soon as me knew this’d be a problem we started by settin up roadblocks, there was only two roads into our little town so it wasn’t too hard. Most of us were good with our hands so we got fences put up, fast as we could. In a week we’d had about a dozen more of the things come through, shot em all down. By week two we had most the town fenced in, folks started building up walls too. Sometime in the third week the televisions and radios stopped workin. Good riddance to em, they rotted the brain anyway. Not long after that the power stopped worlkin. Honestly, it was probably the nicest we’d ever had it. It was simpler. No distractions. Folks went about their days workin and helping each other. Found comfort and solace in talking to one another and telling stories with sweet tea in the night time. For a month or two we were all safe. We walked about town comfortably, kids played with their friends, grannies knitted on their porches, everyone was happy.

    One day a few strangers came up to our roadblock. Few guys would stand watch at the roadblocks, 24 hours a day. They’d shoot down everythin that bit, but these guys were obviously just rundown. There was a man and two women and a child. They were rugged and tired, hadn’t slept in days from the look of em. We let em in. We fed them, gave them a place to stay and listened to their story. They’d been on the road since California. Walkin, and fightin, to find somewhere safe. They said most the bigger towns had been overrun, same with lotsa the small ones. Ours was the first that seemed safe. We were all pretty proud to hear that. It wasn’t long till we noticed somethin a bit weird about the kid. He could do things, strange things. He could make scrapes n bruises go away and fix broken legs just by touchin em. We’d heard some talk about folk like him. Ones who had some kind of connection to something called “myst”. We’d never seen one for ourselves though. He was a bright kid, helped us a lot in those days when we didn’t have doctors around, only the local pharmacist.

    We even learnt that he could cure the disease, to an extent. Push it back anyways. Turns out he’d been doin it for one of the women. We never found out till it was too late. The kid… Well, some people just ain’t good with change. New stuff scares em. One night the kid went to bed. The next morning he’d been suffocated. Never found out who did it. The rest of his friends tried to pack up real quick and get out. They wanted nothing more to do with us. They took a bit too long. The woman who was infected started to go gray. Bit the other woman, then the man. She was fast, much faster than the others we’d seen. In five minutes she’d gotten to eight people, includin the guards at a roadblock. In the weeks between their arrival the corpses had come more and more. To the point that we were shootin em down hourly, if not more. This day we’d had a big wave come in. Once the guards were gone there wasn’t much we could do. They got in. There were so many.

    We got as many people out of their houses and to the other half of town as possible. We lost most of em. Only about twenty made it. The monsters just kept bitin. Makin more. They were takin over. Folks had their guns out and ready. We shot down so many. So many of our own people, turned into these twisted creatures that only wanted to eat us. Folk we’d know our whole lives. We’d seen up grow up, or we’d gone to school with em, we’d been raised by em. And now we was forced to shoot em down as if they were nothin. By this point I guess I knew. Deep down, I knew. This was the end of us.

    There are only five of us left. We’ve locked ourselves in the cellar of the oldest house. We’ve been down here three days now. We can hear them at the door, scratchin’n’moanin. It wont hold. We are out of ammo. We aint got nothin left. They’ll be on us soon.

    I pray that when they get me, it ends fast.

    The Resistance ^ Return ^

    In 2041 a group of survivors from the Old Times calling themselves “The Council” banded together and seized control of a large section of Fairborn, OH that included a military compound and rail yard. The roads and highways were practically gone but the group was able to light up the dark getting their power grid running and sent out the first trains. With dozens of soldiers and a handful of old tech’s and scientists they dug in and held the grounds against the dead. The site became known as the first Castle and along the lines F.O.R.T.S. (Fortified Organized Resistance Stations) were established opening up supply and trade routes. Survivors flocked to the area and in 2043 they suffered their first real challenge.

    In the summer a massive swarm of the dead raged through the old city quarters. No one really knew how it happened or why but by some miracle the defenses held. Reserves were pulled in from the nearest F.O.R.T.S. and a week the numbers in the Castle swelled to almost 5000 brave souls ready to give their lives and their names to The Wall in order to protect what they had worked for. When the smoke cleared and the eerie silence fell two thirds of the defenders were dead but the defenses had held! In 2044 the founders of the Castle split up and spread out their forces establishing another four Castles across the continent. The southern most Castle tragically did not last and was wiped out by an army of raiders led by a self proclaimed Colonel John Booth.

    Freedom Radio. It wasn’t long after the ARC was turned on that Freedom Radio appeared for people to tune in. The first broadcasts came across the ARC and then they were on short and long wave frequencies. The actions of the “Establishment” reported to the public by Freedom Radio and their lead Jock “Sandman”. They claim to be working as a public service to keep the Resistance leaders honest. The techs have tried to block them, tried to limit them and have tried to track them – but they’re still invisible and Free to report the truth as they see it.

    Soon, after several successful battles, information started to flow in from the Central and South colonies. They came in the form of Newsletters printed and distributed to the resistance members. There were brave scouts working for "The Wire" including one frenchman named Pierre Poncho. He has visited the Nygrah territory on occasion to photograph and record the strange events up here. All this info is being gathered to keep a form of government called 'The Council' up to date on the struggles in the north.

    Memorial Wall ^ Return ^

    With the beginning of the World Allied Resistance the first success was the activation of the ARC Project helping to unite the free world. Thousands of people began to sign on again from all over the planet. The Resistance started to organize as orders went out across the stream and people fought to be the first ones to step up and take on the dead. When the lists of casualties started to flood in the people of the world heralded them as heroes. The Techs created “The Wall” – a place where all members in good standing with The Resistance would be remembered forever. A place where a person’s last acts of bravery and true birth name would echo through the years to say...

    “I was here and I resisted to the end.”


    Down The Rabbit Hole