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"“Don’t Open; Dead Inside”

Some monsters are all about the scare. The jump-in-your seat moments when the closet door springs open or something lurches through the window or pops up in the backseat. Everything seems fine (although the music is usually letting you know it’s not), and then Gah! There it is! Heart races, everyone laughs a bit, and the fight goes on.

But zombies – zombies aren’t just about the scare. Zombies are about dread. You know the dead are out there, and you know they’ll keep coming. They are inexorable and relentless, and really, it’s only a matter of time. We can bar the doors in the hospital; we can build a wall to keep the infection at bay; we can do all sorts of things, but all it takes is one mistake, one infection, and we’re done. Eventually, the monster is us.

Zombies and LARPing are a combination that seem born to go together. A great LARP is all about immersion – the adrenaline rush of combat, the way your heart hammers in your chest when you’re creeping through the woods at night, those moments when your character triumphs – or fails – and it gets you right in the gut. You’re living inside the story, right there in the visceral thick of it.

A good zombie story can catch you in the same way. The dread of the beginning, of watching the familiar world start to fall apart, as everyday landscapes and everyday people transform into horror. Trying to escape, to find safety, the immediate need to survive and the long-term need to live, all catching you up with adrenaline and fear and barely giving you a chance to breathe – this is the stuff unforgettable LARP experiences are made of too. At Z-World, looking around the location, you don’t shut your eyes and imagine you’re in some magical other realm. You’re here, only here is changed and charged and terrifying, and nothing will ever be the same.

In Z-World, you’re long past the point where most zombie movies end. Anyone who was going to get out of that shopping mall got out a long time ago, or they’ve Turned and joined the horde. Your character may not even remember the world that was – this may be the only reality they’ve ever known, a horrorscape of decayed cities, strange powers from the Myst, and the near-certainty that someday you too will Turn.

You’ll notice a lot of cinematic terms in the rules for Z-World – locations, crew, episodes, scenes. A LARP is the sum of all these parts combining – with your participation – to create a story as immersive as any movie. The dedicated folk who write and produce the game see your character as the hero (or the anti-hero) of the story, and they’re going to give you every opportunity to be one, right up until the moment you finally Turn - and maybe even after that.

So read on, dive in, and Join the Resistance!

- Hilary Glover

Zombies ^ Return ^

You’re joining us on this journey because by now, you already know what they are. They are without fear and they will not slow down because of pain or injury. They can’t be reasoned with or manipulated and they are here for one thing and one thing only: to rip you to pieces and chew you apart. They’re out there in the dark, clawing at the doors and walls, smashing through the windows with a relentless drive. Filling the air with their choral maddening moan like a melancholy bee hive, you could almost feel sorry for them. Look out the window and you'll be greeted by the haunted expression of John, your neighbor from down the road – or maybe Mr. Perkins, the old man who runs the corner store. It’s not the individual creature that will fill you with horror – no, you could almost take time to pity that one lone individual that didn’t make it, and is now cursed to roam the world as a mindless shell. You could almost take that time... that is, if it wasn’t for the other few dozen that are shambling along with them.

A zombie by itself is just a revolting mess of dripping rot. Disgusting, yes, but manageable. When they come together to form mobs of dozens, hundreds, thousands – that is when they are truly terrifying. That’s when people really start to think about the “what if” scenario. How would you survive in a world where society collapses almost overnight? I’ve heard some interesting plans from people over the years – Would you hide inside until the worst is over? Or perhaps head to the nearest Costco or Supercentre?

And then, of course, there are the LARPer’s that would pack up and head to their site in the woods. I’m for that plan. Like what Ed says in Shaun of the Dead; “If we hole up, I wanna be somewhere familiar, I wanna know where my exits are, and I wanna be allowed to hit someone with a boffer!” Okay, maybe he said he wants to smoke – but I don't, and if it’s the end of the world? LARPing sounds like a good way to pass the time.

Culture & Ecology of the Dead ^ Return ^

There are a lot of people analyzing the deep roots of our fears and fascinations with Zombies these days, and many agree that this monster is a reflection our culture and consumerism is at the heart of it. The walking corpses represent the purging of our society, washing away the overly complex way we live like a swarm of locusts converting and consuming everything in their path. I can’t argue with them. I’ve heard it said that our society is hungry and that’s what we are. Be it hungry for material gains, success, companionship or excitement and thrills. We are driven, motivated and hungry. That’s what the Zombie truly is – a reflection of our hunger devoid of everything else. They are incapable of judgment and self-preservation. They are just hungry and can never be filled. The Zombie wants what you have – no, not have... what you are! You are the next meal, and if you're lucky they'll stop long enough to think they're full. But soon enough, they are driven to find another bite.

As a fan of this genre I’m excited to see millions of people are enjoying the renaissance of this monster. It’s new, fresh and exciting right? Finally we get a monster that doesn’t have abs or sparkles in the daylight. There’s a new sheriff in town and this one doesn’t want to monologue, leave clues or enact its revenge - It’s just here to end it all. But they’re hardly a “new” thing. In pre-medieval Europe legends and folklore speak of flesh-eating creatures bent on revenge and drinking the blood of their victims. Later these vengeful ghouls would rise from their graves and form the basis of the modern vampires. The Draugr from Norse mythology are undead creatures reanimated to climb out of their graves to attack and eat the living. A person killed by a Draugr is doomed to become a Draugr. Starting to sound familiar? It seems we have been strangely fascinated with the dead rising up and taking over the world for a long long time. One of the earliest records comes from The Epic ofGilgamesh dating back thousands of years ago. An ancient Sumerian poem in which the goddess Ishtar says:

I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,

I will smash the door posts,

and leave the doors flat down,

and will let the dead go up to eat the living!

And the dead will outnumber the living!

These hungry undead have been walking along side us in the shadows and it seems they’re gaining momentum. In Z-World the undead have virtually taken over and we’ll have a wide selection of monsters ready and waiting. The Zombies will have specific motivations depending on their state and are ready to eat anything… even each other when necessary. Some will mutate into horrific nightmares, some will be bolted together; dead flesh combined with still working old world machinery. Zombies of all shapes, sizes and occasionally a colossal beast will emerge from the wastelands. Possibly the most terrible of all will be that person standing next to you when their time has come to Turn and they can resist no longer…

The explanations of the Zombie of today sounds a bit dry but it does have a ring of honest truth about it. From time to time we are all reminded how delicate our world is and how quickly things can go sour. One day you’re going about your life going to school, or working your shift getting ready for the weekend, when all of a sudden a satellite crashes and its radiation is bringing the dead back to life. Then what do you do? What do you have left? Money? Fame? Family? Power? In many of the movies, books and stories, when the world has slipped away and society has crumbled, the message that shines through is hope. It may be a crazy desperate hope to get away or a long reaching hope that the world can turn around but it is there. Hope.

Health & Healing ^ Return ^

In Z-World you have a Health Pool that determines the current condition for your character. How large your pool is will depend on what kind of character you are creating and what Feats you’ll take for them along the way. Increasing your Health Pool can be done by find a character with healing abilities or drinking potions available in the game. The effect for this is - “Boost Heath Pool X.” If at any time your Health Pool drops to zero (cannot go below zero) your character will be unconscious and enter the first stage of threat – see below:

1. Blacked Out
Player must drop to the ground (in a safe and controlled way) and act as if they have lost consciousness.
You are not able to move, talk, or take any actions during this time.
Duration: 2 minutes (then move to Stage 2)
Fixed by: Any form of healing delivered as “Boost Heath Pool X”

2. Mortally Wounded
Player’s character will regain consciousness and be in a state of shock.
The player must act as if they are in pain and confused. They are able to talk and seek out help.
The player will be under a Slow effect (with no X count for duration or distance) but can get up and try to drag themselves away.
If they are hit with any effect other than healing the Mortal Wounds count ends and they immediately begin their “Flatlined” count.
DUration: 10 minutes (then move to Stage 3)
Fixed by: Medic > StimPack
Shaman > Drained Soul
Gener > Brain Bugs

3. Flatlined
Player must drop to the ground (in a safe and controlled way) and act as if they have lost consciousness.
You are not able to move, talk, or take any actions during this time.
At the end of their Stage 3 count the player’s Resistance Pool immediately drops to zero and they will become Infected.
Duration: 3 minutes + 1 minute/point of constitution (then move to Stage 4)
Fixed By: Feat: CLEAR
Feat: Fused with the Myst
Feat: Grown in a Tube

4. Infected / Turned
Player rises as one of the infected and will attack any non-infected targets they see starting with the nearest target.
They will use whatever weapons they have in hand at the time.
Duration: (special – then move to Stage 5)
Fixed by: Any effect delivered as “Boost Resistance Pool X” (provided the host is still alive)

The Character has Died.
They were Infected and Turned, their body was destroyed by The Enraged, or they were consumed by an Old One.
Players must leave all tagged items and part of their costuming to represent where they died.
Duration: (put on an Out of Game head band or a hand on your head and go directly to the Recovery Area).
Fixed by: The Player will go through the Recovery process to be brought back into game play.

Resting & Active Duty ^ Return ^

Every player at Z-World is required to complete a NPC slot (playing Non Player Character roles) during the game. When you arrive on location and check in with registration there will be a sign up sheet for NPC time on a first come first serve basis. When you leave for your time slot In Game your character will be going to perform their “Active Duty Shift” as part of the Resistance. This could be explained as going out on patrol or scouting out an area on the grid. When you complete your NPC shift you can return to the Episode with 2 resources (selected at random) and 5 Endurance Points for your Pool. Players should report in at the Creature Camp and notify a Crew Member they have arrived. Bringing a costume to use as your Zombie will increase your resources gathered to 4 but basic black clothing is recommended. Please make sure to have your character card signed off when your shift is completed. Failure to do this will result in your character advancement being frozen for that Episode. Players must also be sure to turn in the character sheet after the Episode’s End Credits. Failure to do so may result in your character not being advanced and no new abilities being available to you.

Combat Types ^ Return ^

Combat in Z-World is resolved with Boffer and packet delivered attacks. As with all things we aim to keep the game as safe as possible for the enjoyment of our players. In this section we are focusing on the mechanics of our combat system. Z-World makes use of an (Effect) based narrative combat system.

X represents the number used in a narrative to indicate the number of damage that would be subtracted from your Health Pool. If there is a number at the beginning of a narrative then the number or (damage) is considered to be the (effect). (Type) represents the type or flavor of the delivered damage. The basic (type)’s common to the game are as follows:

Mundane Damage (Types)

(CRUSHING) this would represent any kind of weapon used in the game that causes ‘blunt’ damage

(SLASHING) this would be any kind of weapon designed for cutting

(PIERCING) is a type reserved for ranged weapons

Enhanced / Special (Types)

(FIRE) reserved for elemental damages

(WATER) reserved for elemental damages

(EARTH) reserved for elemental damages

(AIR) reserved for elemental damages

Damage Called & Battle Spam

While engaged in the excitement of Live Action combat things can and often do get loud. For this reason during combat all narrative damage or effects are called only after you have successfully landed your attack. If the attempt was stopped the defender is responsible to respond with “parry”. Attackers should make every attempt to not call an Effect should they believe their attack was legally parried.

When you are hit with an attack your character will take the X value from your healing pool provided you are not currently protected by armour. The will determine how your character receives the damage. For example, Dr. Pepper is a mystic that has been studying the elemental energies of the Myst. After much experimentation they created a ring that grants the ability to Resist 5 . While out in the field looking for survivors they come across a burning zombie. It throws, “4 (Fire)” at Dr. Pepper. The damage would not exceed the ability to resist and the defense call would be, “Resist”.

Therefore with damage (Type)’s your character will fall into one of these three categories:
Resistant (X) – your character has the ability to resist a kind of delivery (Type)
Normal – your character receives the damage normally
Susceptible – your character is weakened against a (Type) and would take double the value of X from the attack
Note - A Susceptible character cannot also be Resistant to what they are Susceptible to.

Damage Calculations & Critical Strikes ^ Return ^

As your character grows in power and skill your damage totals will increase. Damage totals have a soft cap mechanic in Z-World. They work in brackets of “five”.

Examples: For a Norm Hunter with a calculated range damage total of 14 (piercing) the damage call for this character would be, 10 (piercing) and the character would gain a “bonus shot” for 15 (piercing) 4 times per recharge of their Myst Pool. Each time they spend a point of Endurance to regain their pool the bonus critical Strikes are made available to them.

Counts & Interrupts ^ Return ^

Counts ^ Return ^

The target must declare “1 I’m (Effect), 2 I’m (Effect)...” up to “X I’m (Effect)” to remove the effect. E.g. If the target was hit with Slow 2, they would have to say, uninterrupted, “1 I’m Slow, 2 I’m Slow” to remove the effect. A count represents the duration or distance (as indicated by the Effect).

For an (Effect) that requires distance the count would begin immediately.
For an (Effect) with no distance requirement the player is free to count off the effect when they choose.

This is important in situations where a player puts themselves under an effect as a defensive action. Or would be under an effect that still allows them to move or fight. They may choose to stay as they are in order to try to defend or help someone else.

Interrupts ^ Return ^

There is selection of effects in the game that can be interrupted:
Trip (I)
Push (I)
Stun (I)
Slow (I)
Impede (I)
If your character is under the effect of Trip 10 and while counting off the 10 you are next hit with a push 5. The first count will be considered interrupted and immediately ended as the new effect begins. Note - this only accounts for effects with interrupts. Any other effects are treated independently from each other and must be counted off separately.

Effects ^ Return ^

This might seem a big confusing to start. This section explains what would happen if "Leech health pool 10"
or "Stun Limb 20" were to be called out during a battle.

Name (I) = The name of the effect. (I) shows which effects of the game can be interrupted and which cannot.
Syntax = The order in which an effect must be delivered.
Description = A short description detailing how the effect will function in the game

X = A numeric value that represents a measure of time, points, or distance.
Type = A descriptive text (i.e. Fire, Force, Ice, Acid). It is not necessary to always indicate a type.
Pool = A numeric pool listed on a targets character sheet (i.e. Health, Endurance, Myst).
Changes to pool may not go over their maximum.
Suffix = Overwhelm. A descriptive text generally to describe if the effect bypasses blocks, armor, or resistances. It is not necessary to always indicate a suffix. Limb = An indicated arm, leg, or entire body.
Counts = The target must declare “1 I’m (Effect), 2 (I’m Effect)...” up to “X I’m (Effect)” to remove the effect. E.g. If the target was hit with Slow 2, they would have to say, uninterrupted, “1 I’m Slow, 2 I’m Slow” to remove the effect.

Damage (i.e. '15 slashing overwhelm')
X Type Suffix
X is subtracted from Health and the target should indicate through brief RP that they’ve been hurt
(i.e. “I’ve been hit!”, “Ouch”, “Oomph”) or simply declare “Damaged”

Boost (i.e. 'Boost Health Pool 10')
Syntax: Boost Pool X
Adds the value X to the indicated Pool, up to that pools maximum.

Cleanse (i.e. 'Cleanse Trip')
Syntax: Cleanse X Type Suffix
All Effects with a Count are instantly removed.
The X value in Cleansing is only called if the ability is used offensively... (i.e. an NPC has petrified themselves as a defense for 100...and a shaman runs up and hits them for Cleanse 15...they have dropped the "count" of the Petrify by 15)

Trip (I) (i.e. 'Trip 10')
Syntax: Trip X Type Suffix
Target must crouch and place both hands to the ground. Target must then remain crouched for X counts.
Target can fight from this position, but may not move.

Push (I) (i.e. 'Push 10')
Syntax: Push X Type Suffix
Target must keep their arms to their side while under the effect of a push. Target must immediately move straight back X steps from the attacker, moving around any barriers that can be circumvented by one step (i.e. another individual, a pole, a tree). If a barrier cannot be circumvented (i.e. a wall), within 1 step, the target takes a Trip effect. (where X becomes the remaining steps not taken).

Leech (i.e. 'Leech Health Pool 10')
Syntax: Leech Pool X Type Suffix
Removes X points from the indicated pool and adds them to the attackers pool.

Blast (i.e. 'Blast 20 Crushing')
Syntax: Blast X Type Suffix
Target takes X damage. Target must either throw or swing Damage (whichever is quickest) with the same type and suffix as the initial Blast at the closest target the Player can see. X for this Damage call is 5 points less than the X of the initial Blast or the previous damage call the target made. The target must continue to swing damage until X=0 or 5 counts have passed between a successful attack. Each successful attack must be made at a different target than the previous. If 5 counts has passed between attacks the Target takes a Trip effect, where X is the amount of damage the Target had remaining. (i.e. get hit with (BLAST 20 CRUSHING) and I take that 20 damage...but here's the fun part...I have 5 seconds to hit a target with either a boffer or a ranged packet attack and the call would be (15 CRUSHING)...and then I have 5 seconds to hit another target for (10 CRUSHING)...and so on until I get to the minimum of (5 CRUSHING) ).

Stun (I) (i.e. 'Stun 10 Right Arm')
Syntax: Stun X Limb Type Suffix
Target may not use the indicated Limb and must RP it as a dead weight for X counts. The target must drop any handheld objects if an arm is indicated. If the entire body is indicated then the Target must stay perfectly still with their arms at their sides for X counts.

Slow (I) (i.e. 'Slow 10')
Syntax: Slow X Type Suffix
Target may only walk for X counts.

Impede (I) (i.e. 'Impede 5')
Syntax: Impede X Type Suffix
Target may only walk heel to toe, heel to toe, all wibbly wobbly for X counts

Rend (ie.. 'Rend 1, Rend 2, Rend 3, Rend 4' - 'Exposed!' when armor rating reached)
Syntax: Rend X Type Suffix
Rend the target’s armor. Rend is an accumulating attack vs. the Armor Rating of a single target, where X starts at 1 and increase by 1 on each consecutive hit. If X = the Armor Value, and the targets body is being struck, the targets Armor is “Exposed” and the target must declare as such. If more than 10 seconds passes between a Rend attack on a single target, then the Attacker must start at 1 again.

Jam (i.e. Jam Gun 10)
Syntax: Jam X Type Suffix
The target’s active range weapon has been Jammed and cannot be used for X counts. If the target does not have an activate ranged weapon nothing happens.

Dismember (i.e. 'Dismember Right Leg')
Syntax: Dismember X Limb (Body N/A)
If X is greater than Targets Armor Rating then the target limb is considered “Dismembered”. A Dismembered arm cannot hold any items in its hand and must be held behind the targets back. A Dismembered leg’s foot may not touch the ground OR the target may choose to be under an Impede effect (targets choice), while Dismembered. If two or more limbs are removed then the target is Mortally Wounded.

Weakened (i.e. 'Weakened Fire 10')
Syntax: Weakened X Type Suffix
Target is Susceptible to the stated Type for X counts.

Petrify (i.e. 'Petrify 20')
Syntax: Petrify X Type Suffix
The target must freeze in place for X count. While Petrified the target gains Resistance 2*X to all Types accept (placeholder in development).

Controlled (i.e. 'Control 20')
Syntax: Controlled X Type Suffix
The target must follow a command of the Attacker from the following list. “Attack (indicated target)”, “Stand still”, “Run away”, “Defend (indicated target)”, “Follow (indicated target)”. The Attacker must make the command within 5 seconds. The target will follow the command to the best of their ability and understanding. When “Attack” or “Defend” is commanded the Target will never select themselves as (indicated target) but will always select a target following the instructions to the best of their ability. The target will follow the command for X count.

Wound (i.e. 'Wound 15' instant Mortally Wounded Health State)
Syntax: Wound X Type Suffix
If X is greater than the target’s Armor Rating then the target is Mortally Wounded.

Infection (i.e. 'Infect 10')
Syntax: Infection X Type Suffix
The Target takes X away from their Resistance Pool. Target must declare “Resist” when struck with the effect. If the Target cannot Resist the effect they are considered to have been Infected. Target’s Health Pool drops to zero and is replaced with a Dead Pool (while infected Target cannot benefit from any effect that would raise their Health Pool). When they have sustained enough damage to reduce their Dead Pool to zero they will fall to the ground and gain 1 point to their Resistance Pool. The Target’s Threat Stage will be determined by their Status prior to being infected. If they were alive when their Resistance dropped to zero they will be at Threat Stage 1 – Blacked Out. If they were Flatlined when their Resistance Pool dropped to zero they will be at Threat Stage 5 – Dead.

Activate (special) (i.e. 'Monkey Drains The River - Leech Health Pool 10')
An Activate is a catch all effect that is delivered through a narrative call. The narrative call is generally lengthy, highly descriptive, and will describe the details of the effect on the target within the narrative. If the target of an Activate could move or make strikes (with weapons or packets) they may declare Evade vs. any Activate targeting them.

Defense Calls ^ Return ^

If no Defense call is made, then you are assumed to have taken the Effect as normal and should act accordingly.

Susceptible The target declares “Susceptible” and takes double Effect. A Susceptible character cannot also be Resistant to what they are Susceptible to.

Resist The target declares “Resist X” and takes x less Effect, generally indicating a continued resistance to a specific Type or Effect.

Evade The target declares “Evade” and takes no Effect, generally indicating Immunity for a finite number of strikes. Evade cannot be used as a defense vs Traps or Set Bombs used as Traps.

Barrier The target declares “Barrier” and takes no Effect, generally indicating Immunity for a finite number of strikes. Barrier cannot be used as a defense vs any attack / effect with the suffix (Overwhelm).

Counterstrike “The target declares “Counterstrike (Effect)”, using the full syntax of the Effect used. The target takes the Effect as normal. The Attacker takes the declared Counterstrike Effect as if they were successfully struck.

Weapons/Armor/Shields ^ Return ^

Any effect with the “Overwhelm” suffix bypasses all defenses provided by Weapons, Armor, and Shields. These attacks can however be Resisted, Evaded, or Counterstruck. Weapons are not valid targets without the “Overwhelm” Suffix. Should an attacker call any effect without the “overwhelm” suffix the appropriate Defense call is “Parried”. Attackers should make every attempt to not call an Effect should they believe their attack was legally parried. Shields are a valid target for Damage greater than their Armor Rating and any Effect with the Overwhelm Suffix.

Should an attacker call an effect without the “Overwhelm” suffix or Damage less than the Shield’s Armor Rating the appropriate Defense call is “Parried”. Attackers should make every attempt to not call an Effect should they believe their attack was legally Parried. Shields cannot be the target of Rend. When a Shield is struck with a Damage Effect greater than the Armor Rating of the Shield the target will take no Effect but the Shield is considered damaged. The Defense call is “Break” after each successful legal strike to the shield until the Armor Rating reaches 0. The Defense call would then be “Broken” and the target would begin to take the damage as if being struck legally on the body.

An Armored opponent is a valid target, with the Overwhelm Suffix, for Damage greater than its Armor Rating, and all other Effects. Should an attacker call Damage lower than the target’s Armor Rating the appropriate Defense call is “Negated”. Attackers should make every attempt to not call Damage should they believe their attack was legally Negated. An Armored opponent can be the target of Rend. When Armor Rating is equal to Rend X then the Armor is considered Exposed and provides 0 Value. The target should declare “Exposed” when their Armor value is reduced to 0. If a target is struck with a Damage Effect that is greater than their Armor Value the Damage Effect will be reduced by the Armor Value.

No No Protocol