LFCs: The Norms (Hunter) (Engineer) (Medic) (Soldier)
The Enhanced (Elementalist) (Weaver) (Shaman) (Psy-blade)
The Mutates (Spitter) (Harvester) (Gener) (Goliath)
Factions (Military) (Tech) (Logistics)

Life Form Classifications, Roles and Factions

Not only does each member of the resistance have a unique life form class, they also have a specialty made to good use by their chosen faction.

Life Form Classifications: Your Role in the World.

The first decision in front of you is what kind of character you want to play. There are three different options (LFCs) in the game world to choose from. The Life Form Classification system is used to describe how your character has been affected by the changes to the world and will determine what kind of skills you will have to choose from. Once you have selected your LFC, your character will need a Role. Your choice will determine what powers and actions your character will have access to. With them, you will be able to flesh out the details of your character.

The L.F.C. (Life Form Classification)

- The Norm

- The Enhanced

- The Mutate

The Norm ^ Return ^


A “Normie” is a name given to humans that have managed to grow up in the world relatively unchanged. No one really knows why these hardy few have remained unchanged by the events of the world, but make no mistake...they are no push overs. They're tough as nails and ready for any challenge.


- Largest Skill Base to choose from

- Increased Resistance to Turning


- Heavily reliant on tech/weapons/ammo

- No access to supernatural powers

- Must represent a “PACK” prop in order to use Abilities that require Myst to activate.

Role Playing

Playing a Normie in Z-World, you will be representing the average, everyday member of society. There are more of them than any other LFC in the world, and they tend to be proud of that. Normies are raised in strict, militant lifestyles and will have a wide array of combat knowledge before they enter their teens.

Norm > (Hunter) ^ Return ^
LFC: Norm
Role Specs: Hunter
Role Spec Bonus: +2 Endurance Pool & +2 Myst Pool
Unclassified Details:

Lost something? Looking for someone out in the wastes? Hungry for something other than rat? Maybe you're looking to get in and out of a hot zone in one piece - no matter, you need a scout. These Normies are trained to survive in the wilderness and nobody does it better than them.

Their lives are spent perfecting the skills needed to track and find their pray. Anyone can pick up a gun, or try to shoot a bow, but in the hands of one of these killers? It's pure art. They can drop targets before they are ever close enough to be a threat - or multiple targets at once, whatever the situation calls for. Since The Turning, every child born knows our greatest threat - the Undead - and from the start they are trained to aim for the head. "If it's dead, aim for the head." they say. Easier said than done when there are dozens of corpses bearing down on you. That is, unless you are a scout - for them, picking off head shots is as natural as breathing.

Years ago, there was a team called The Filthies that worked out of the Mid-West. They were sent out in a hot zone on a normal, every day supply run. A week went by without any word from them, so a recon team was sent in. When the team arrived, they found The Filthies sitting on the roof of an old barn, drinking and laughing. A swarm of the dead had surrounded them - but they didn't seem to mind. When the recon team radioed them in, the Filthies told them to leave; they were still having fun, and they'd make contact with camp when they ran out of bullets and beer. They had three trackers with The Filthies - they still haven't checked back in.

Norm > (Engineer) ^ Return ^
LFC: Norm
Role Specs: Engineer
Role Spec Bonus: +2 Endurance Pool & +2 Health Pool

Unclassified Details: Smashed up your armor? Broke your favourite weapon? Got your back up against the wall, no way out, and you just emptied your last clip? You need an Engineer! With a delicate touch, these trained grease monkeys can work through some of the most complex traps, alarms and computer devices known to man - and otherwise. They are masters in combat at exposing and attacking weaknesses invisible to anyone else. On the field, these folks can keep an entire team stocked up by breaking down materials to be used for desperate repairs or ammo. They can build, they can repair - but they are fantastic at blowing things up just the same.

Stories go around about a Normie by the name of Bomber. Most people have handles they pick to hide their birth names - sometimes bold, clever references to the Old World - but not this guy. He was a true artist. A couple years ago he had this insane trap set up - nobody believed it would go how he planned - but damn, he made it work. He blew the torso straight off a zombie, arcing it into a branch that broke, tripping another zombie and knocking it to the ground. Right there, on the ground, they both exploded into a fall of fire - he had hidden another trap in a bush. Bomber threw his hands up in the air, shouting "Mouse Trap!" and laughed his head off for ten minutes. We had no clue what he was talking about. Best three fingered man you ever would meet.

Norm > (Medic) ^ Return ^
LFC: Norm
Role Specs: Medic
Role Spec Bonus: +2 Endurance Pool & +2 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: There's a lot of ways to get hurt in the world, but fortunately, there's more than one way to get better. Given the choice, most people would check themselves in with a Medic - nothing fancy, straight to the point. A needle jab and you're good to go. These Normies are the first to the side of anyone who drops, armed with portable tech unlike anything you've ever seen. With a full PAC and handfuls of scrap, they'll have enough bandages to stop your bleeding no matter how hard you try to get yourself killed.

The best of them are so focused they can keep working, even when the strongest Goliath would have collapsed. When your vision is going dark, your heart is slowing, and you're saying your last prayers, there's always medics there to kick start your heart. You don't get off the hook that easy when there's a Field Medic around.

Norm > (Soldier) ^ Return ^
LFC: Norm
Role Specs: Soldier
Role Spec Bonus: +2 Endurance Pool & +2 Health Pool

Unclassified Details: Soldiers - raised on the battlefield, fed a diet of nails and glass and punished year after year. Bit, stabbed, kicked, shot; they've had it all done to them, but they never stay down for long.

There's not much zombies can do to soldiers - standing in front of them trying to claw their way through their armour is just about it. Eventually that zombie is going to find itself crushed into the ground, and the soldier will move on to the next target. Soldiers are trained to stand their ground and pick target after target, breaking them down or sending them flying dozens of feet into the distance. Put two weapons in their hands and suddenly there's a wall of death in front of you. Should they find themselves overwhelmed, they will sometimes just keep fighting - like a medic focused on finishing their task; "There'll be time to die later!".

Not that long ago, a trade town down south got hit suddenly and unexpectedly by a massive swarm. The stories and recaps aren't pretty. Lots of folks stuck in buildings as the streets were overrun and the dying started. A couple of Field Meds went running into help - as good as dead, but they managed to find themselves in the middle of a pack of armored, drunk fools in the middle of the Swarm. Before long a perimeter was set up with people flocking to the Medies in the inner ring. A lot of good folk died that night - but those muscle heads gave that town a miracle in what they managed to save.

The Enhanced ^ Return ^


The individuals known to our world as the Enhanced emerged just before The Turning. For reasons that remain a mystery, they awoke powers in themselves previously unknown to humanity. Some were boardwalk magicians, some were shamans and religious figures. Some, the power manifested itself within them naturally. There are many stories of how they became what they are - but regardless of the source, the Enhanced gained the ability to manipulate the Myst in wonderful and terrifying ways.


- Access to supernatural powers and abilities


- Heavy focus on using myst as their primary offense and defense has left them more vulnerable to injury

Role Playing

To play an Enhanced is to be one with the world around you. The enhanced see the world on a different level - having their eyes opened to the Myst changed their perspective forever. They tend to be superstitious, and are sought after for their uncanny knowledge of what is to come.

Enhanced > (Elementalist) ^ Return ^
LFC: Enhanced
Role Specs: Elementalist
Role Spec Bonus: +10 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details:An Elementalist is most easily compared to a living storm. They engulf themselves in the elements and turn them outwards as weapons. They are warriors - wizards, storm masters and primal vengeance.

Some of the most powerful enhanced are capable of causing combustion with a single thought, or pull water from the air and earth to drown you with. They can enhance their strength to wear the heaviest armor around, but without slowing down for a moment. The strongest of the masters can infuse their bodies with their chosen element, becoming a pure reflection of it - and call down a storm of destruction, laying waste to their enemies.

Enhanced > (Weaver) ^ Return ^
LFC: Enhanced
Role Specs: Weaver
Role Spec Bonus: +5 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: The world's resources dried up long ago. These days, if you want to get around, you either get on a train or you find yourself a Weaver. These strange tinkerers are just as effective at a work bench as they are in the field. They can tap into the Myst - and with just a touch of that power, halt you at the molecular level. Give one enough detail of an area, they can weave a "hole through the myst" that can be used for transport. Some of them even have the strength to pull an element together upon themselves to form a hulking mass of whatever they choose to bind together.

A report recently came into popularity on the ARC - a story of an execution. The criminal, a weaver, had murdered a fellow member of The Resistance. They were reportedly seen in a bar in the south engaging in a game of high stakes Pokem. The weaver lost the game, but as the winner got up to leave, a portal was opened under the winner's feet. The exit; on the roof, just above where he stood. Everybody watched with horror as he flashed by over and over, screaming, until his heart gave out. The Weaver was executed two weeks later, and his name was not honored on The Wall.

Enhanced > (Shaman) ^ Return ^
LFC: Enhanced
Role Specs: Shaman
Role Spec Bonus: +10 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: Those known as Shamans have been awoken to the world around them. They draw Myst from plants, animals and from the land itself, so they say. They are known by many other names - Witch Doctor, Herbalist, Naturopath - but there is no question about these people and their enhanced healing talents. When all seems done and your body has given up, but your brain is still screaming at you to run, you had better reach that potion the Shaman brewed for you - it'll be just the pick me up you need.

These healers are a mystery to the techs and scientists of the Resistance. They walk with one foot in the real world, and the other somewhere else, connected to the ethereal space where the Myst comes from. They are not understood, but they are an unquestionably a powerful ally to the cause. Their ability to read the winds can tell groups when it is time to fight, or when it is time to evacuate well before a swarm hits. Reports come from all over of Shamans walking into hot zones, glowing green with full body tattoos, moving headfirst into the center of a battle to pluck out the injured before they are eaten. A powerful shaman can become a well of healing, and there are more and more reports of them "snatching" the essence of a person from their dead bodies to recover it later, through what they call the "Streams of the Myst".

Enhanced > (Psy-blade) ^ Return ^
LFC: Enhanced
Role Specs: Psy-Blade
Role Spec Bonus: +2 Health Pool & +2 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: These martial warriors mix both the harmony of peace with the rage of war. It is said the first Psy-Blade came from the Far East, trained in the art of Fu. One day when the world changed, the Blade meditated for three years before joining the fight - bringing back the skills they had learned in the whispers of the Myst.

A Psy-Blade can reach into your body through the myst, leeching out your very being and healing their own bodies. Some are experts in battle with bladed weapons, but the truly powerful ones don't need them, they project weapons through the sheer force of will. They are terrifyingly fast, with reports of Psy-Blades ducking and weaving through entire clips of ammo without taking a hit. One of their strongest abilities is to land a blow that resonates in complete symphony with your body - it will rip into you with such pain that only the strongest fighter can stand up to the attack.

The Mutate ^ Return ^


Records provided by the ARC indicate that the first Mutates were the result of a strange experiment. The purpose and intended result of that experiment, as well as those involved, is lost to us forever - but the Mutates are here to stay. They range in size, shape and color. Some look similar to normies, some are grotesque, some appear more animal than human -no matter how they look, they are not to be underestimated.


- A good balance of skills

- Access to Claws as weaponry


- Relies heavily on Bio Extract to access metabolic abilities

- Quickly become vulnerable without a food source

- The Daily Hunger: Mutates have to eat 1 point of Bio-Extract per level of the character, per day in order to avoid becoming Enraged. If they fail eat enough their Resistance Pool will drop to 0 points during the game day.

Role Playing

Playing a Mutate, you will be required to properly represent your creation. Make up, prosthetics, costume modifiers - whatever you can come up with. The level of required representation will scale with how deeply mutated your character is (See Deformities Table for details). Mutates originate from either an animal crossover or Environmental mutation - animal traits are hereditary, whereas environmental factors manifest later in life.

Mutate > (Spitter) ^ Return ^
LFC: Mutate
Role Specs: Spitter
Role Spec Bonus: +5 Health Pool & +5 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: Mouthfuls of teeth, claws and a rabid lust for battle are what encase the Spitters. They are capable of launching mouthfuls of toxic venom that breaks down materials ten times faster than our strongest acids. They protrude and throw bone like shards at distant targets, and when things get close, vaporize their venom into a deadly cloud to melt their enemies. Some of these mutates are powerful enough to tune into and scramble brain wave patterns of the living and the dead alike - or even more terrifyingly, issue commands in a hypnotic fashion.

Rumors tell of a young Spitter by the name of Dura Cell worked in the north with a group known as the Chargers. They were specialized in night time operations in the surrounding frozen wastes. The team was cut off by a swarm on what should have been a routine mission. Pushed back into a ruin and an alley, only two Norms made it back to the city - one succumbed to his wounds. It is said that Dura Cell fought on to the bitter end, melting the bodies that surrounded her and slashing out with both claws and a crowbar. When a zombie latched onto her shoulder, she did not scream - she unhinged her jaw, swallowing the zombies head and upper torso in return. Had she not been buried by the swarming corpses around her, it is suspected she would have eaten the rest. Her name is now on the Wall, and nobody speaks ill of Spitters in public - else they find themselves melting away.

Mutate > (Harvester) ^ Return ^
LFC: Mutate
Role Specs: Harvester
Role Spec Bonus: +5 Health Pool & +5 Endurance Pool

Unclassified Details: “There…did you hear that? I swear they’re ticking again. They’re going to blow up any second now and take us all down with them!” The Harvesters were created to be living weapon and they’re extremely happy to prove it. They’re masters at scavenging Bio Matter from practically anything living or dead. Their mouth is full of toxic poisons that can be used to coat weapons and ammo.

If you give them enough time to stock up their glands they can even vaporize a cloud of the stuff as a form of defense. Their bodies can grow living cannons that might be one shot weapons as they tend to break apart on use but they still pack enough force to blow through almost anything in their way. Basic rule of thumb when working with a Harvester, if you hear the ticking you best not be standing in front of them!

Mutate > (Gener) ^ Return ^
LFC: Mutate
Role Specs: Gener
Role Spec Bonus: +5 Health Pool & +5 Myst Pool

Unclassified Details: One would hazard to use the word "heal" in regards to what Geners do, but they do it well. Geners have impressive abilities to close their wounds in order to keep them alive. They can use that skill to close up allies as well. Just a touch and your skin will knit itself back together in front of you. If a friend is bitten, you best hope you have a Gener around - they will replace the bitten limb with their own. Hurts something fierce if you are unfortunate enough to wake up during it - but it will save your life. Geners also possess the ability to harden their skin into stone to avoid being hurt. They are bizarre, but once you become accustomed to being around them, you will wish you never have to leave their side.

Mutate > (Goliath) ^ Return ^
LFC: Mutate
Role Specs: Goliath
Role Spec Bonus: +1 Strength & +10 Health Pool

Unclassified Details: Last but not least in the ranks of the Mutates come the Goliaths. If stealth isn't required, one of these brutes is what you want beside you. When the Resistance needs a door broken, sometimes they bring rams, sometimes they bring explosives, and sometimes they bring Goliaths. Most people prefer the rams - they know when to stop.

Traits of the Goliaths are thick plates of armor to keep them safe from all but the most powerful of attacks, and their brutal strength can inflict frightening damage. The Goliaths fists are liked to steel reinforced concrete blocks, and if they get themselves worked up they can literally rip something into pieces. One of the first known Goliaths was discovered in 2011 under the guise of a wrester in the pro wrestling circuit. He disappeared from the weekly "Pro Battle Masters" and most fans thought he retired. Years later he returned to a delighted crowd wearing a mask, speaking of a horrible "accident" - but it only drove his ratings through the roof. In the fall of 2016 at the PPV event "Pro Battle Champ LXXIV" in a triple threat electric cage match, his rage got the better of him and he pulled off the arm of the Mangelord and began to eat it. The Mangelord died from his wounds, and the Goliath only escaped after a brutal battle with security.

Factions: ^ Return ^
In this world we are all a part of the Resistance, a leading Military Force that has banded together Survivors from all of the globe with one purpose...Hope. Within the Resistance there are attainable ranks within three separate factions; Tech, Military and Logistics. When you attain the Rank of Specialist you submit a T49-A (Faction Assignment Form...the Inquisitor is all about her protocols) and take your place within one of the three factions.

Military ^ Return ^
The Largest Fighting force, the Military Faction is the body of the Resistance. They forge paths into the unknown and fight for the survivors of the world. They give hope to the people still threatened by the dead and fight with every breath for world of the living.

Tech ^ Return ^
If the Military is the body of the Resistance, the Tech's would be the mind. Diving deep into the science of the world they are the ambitious risk takers that will do anything to further the world of Tech and Mysticism.

Logistics ^ Return ^
These crazy Mother %$#@ers are the Spirit of the Resistance, they are the key to keeping the world connected. Riding the rails, they are the right kind of crazy to remind the world that courage is the strongest in the minds of the crazed and that with it we can go anywhere.

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